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We combined all our favorite phonestand features in one design.
What does the KickFlip do?
• It turns horizonal & vertical
• It adjusts to all angles
• It's also a grip


Functionality is awesome, but it doesn't look good on it's own...
We made the KickFlip customizable:
• Choose a color: Black, Silver & Gold
• Match it with a design pattern (30+)

Bringing you handy, life hacks for more than 15 years!

Multiple Awarded Winning Designs

Cord Wrap (2009) Slim Pen (2012) Glasses Case (2015).
The Bobino brand stands for innovation, creativity, pragmatism and quality. We make all our designs stands out with their bold and minimalistic design language and we use high quality materials to extend the lifetime of our products.
view design process

Our Favorite Testimonials


I love it when brands actually stand for something. I have known bobino for many years now and they continue to design products that embody their style, chapeau!


Never expected to be using a simple product for such a long time. Just ordered a few new cordwraps so I had to let y'all know I am very satisfied.


My GO 2 place for little lifehacks. Any product I've ordered I still use to this day, my favorite being the 'Bookmark Pen'.

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  • Bobino in the car

    Bobino in the car

    Some of us spend a lot of time in our cars.  We bring a lot of things with us and that includes our phones, headphones, music boxes and more.   Every tech device with a battery needs to be charged...

  • What does Bobino mean?

    What does Bobino mean?

    Today, our company and brand name is Bobino. But that’s not how it started.   In 2006 we introduced our first product; a Mobile Phone Holder. The product was a global success, selling nearly 20 million pieces worldwide and still...

  • Working from home

    Working from home

    Many of us have had a chance to settle in to working from home and with any luck we’ve arranged a functional workspace and outfitted ourselves with at least the office essentials:  like a desk, a comfortable chair, a faster...

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Spend $50 and get free shipping

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If you're not happy, we aren't either.

Safe Payments

Every purchase is secure with SSL