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Cord Wrap M ~ all cables, wires & cords organized

Perfect size for a standard Lightning or Micro USB Cable. Wind your cable completely for tidy storage, or use a partial wrap to shorten your cable or cord to the correct length for your use. The Cord Wrap Medium can quite literally be used for hundreds of household devices with cords or cables. Multiple colors make it easy to pick that right cable out of your bag or drawer for the right job.
Color: Charcoal Black

  • Product Specifications
    The Cord Wraps are made of combination of Polypropylene + TPE plastic. The TPE makes the piece a bit softer and easier to bend and wrap. The dimensions are 4 X 8 X 0.3cm (1.6 X 3.1 X 0.1”).

    The Bobino Cord and Cable Wrap is made for life. But in case you are going all wireless, please dispose them properly as they can be recycled.
  • FAQ

    How large is the Medium Cord Wrap?

    The dimensions are 4 X 8 X 0.3cm (1.6 X 3.1 X 0.1”).

    What material is it made of?

    A blend of Polypropylene + TPE plastic.

    For what cords does this size fit?

    Medium is the perfect size for a standard Lightning or Micro USB Cables. Other tech cables, such as a mouse cable or charger cords for fixed phone, cameras, and other medium tech cords.

Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews

Non servono molte parole per descrivere la reale utilità di codesto prodotto... Design essenziale e praticità sono il suo punto di forza ⭐ Un accessorio capace di risolvere il problema dei cavi disordinati...

Assolutamente suggerito!

Amazon Customer
love the bobolinks in all sizes and colors

easy to wind up and unwind. and look very neat

saliha ayub
This is a good product if you have longer waited that you want ...

This is a good product if you have longer waited that you want to shorten for the time being. I use it in the car for my chargers. Only drawback is that it's cumbersome to wind and unwind.. But that's because I'm lazy!! otherwise can't complain. Gets a little grubby if white. Hence taking off 1 star


Fast delivery. Useful item

Muriel F. Jones
Bobino Cable Buddy

This product, and other sizes of it, appeal to the neatnik in me. I especially love the small one, which is perfect for iPod headsets. I'm not young and don't need that signature classic look of a long, white iPod earpiece cable dangling from my hoody. I hate having to untangle them each time I use them, and this product keeps all cables neat and tidy.

Start to Unclutter your Life

Get your Inner Marie Kondo out and start to organize those loose cables. We’ve all wanted to pull our hair out in frustration while trying to untangle and differentiate between computer cords. Or those unsightly cords dangling behind your TV. Your headphone cables snagging on your desk. Or that charger you don't need to trip over...Whatever reason, whatever location, Bobino helps organize your cables.

How to use

Take the desired cord wrap and cord, press one side through the opening with the extra hole. Snap the cable into place in the hole. and wind them until the desired length. And Voila, No longer bundle them to unwind involuntary. Shorten and lengthen them in one single gesture.

Which size do you need?

⦿ Medium Cord Wrap is the perfect size for standard Lightning or Micro USB Cables.

⦿ This means charger/adapter cords, mouse cords and similar diameter cords.

⦿ An average adult can easily use 5-10 across all tech devices.

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