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Zipper Clip 2-Pack ~ keep your belongings protected

Our Zipper Clips can be called security or safety clips. They attach to zippers, and do 2 very important things for you. First, they keep you zippers closed so your belongings don’t fall out and second, they act like a lock or puzzle for a thief.
Color: Slate

  • Product Specifications
    They are made of Polypropylene plastic. Each clip has parts (left/right), that slide together and snap. Each of the 2 parts has a metal ring attached. The diameter of a single Zipper Clip is 36mm (1.4”) and is 3mm (1/8”) thick.
  • FAQ

    How large is the Zipper Clip?

    The diameter of a single Zipper Clip is 36mm (1.4”) and is 3mm (1/8”) thick.

    What material is it made of?

    Polypropylene plastic.

    Can someone break the Zipper Clip?

    With a tool yes, or a knife. Zipper Clip is a deterrent and makes it more difficult to open your zipper.

Customer Reviews

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Zipper Clip is a deterrent for pick pockets (thieves)!

The Zipper Clip was designed to be a puzzle to open. When you know how it works, then it’s easy.

Keep all your zippers closed.

How many times has your over stuffed backpack spontaneously opened because the zippers open? A Zipper Clip keeps 2 zippers together to prevent this.

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