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Cable Clip ~ keeps your cables in place

Keep your cables organized and easy-to-reach on your desk. As it simply clips to the edge of your desk, it occupies very little space and doesn't need to be glued on the surface. Perfect for Desks, Night Stands, Countertops, and anywhere else you have electronic cords and cable.
Color: Charcoal Black

  • Product Specifications
    The Desk Cable clips are made of Polycarbonate + TPE plastic. The dimensions are 5.8 X 5.2 X 3.7cm (2.3 X 1.2 X 2.5”).
  • FAQ

    How large is the Desk Cable Clip?

    The dimensions are 5.8 X 5.2 X 3.7cm (2.3 X 1.2 X 2.5”).

    What material is it made of?

    Polypropylene + TPE plastic.

    Does it need tape or glue?

    No. The clip is strong and the ends are anti-slip.

Customer Reviews

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Size Doesn't Matter

The Desk Cable Clip was designed to fit on all types and sizes of tables and desks.

Fits Three Cables

The tight cable slit design allows for the use of thinner and thicker cables.

Re-Use Anywhere

Similar products on the market usually stick to the desk with an adhesive. We designed our clip to be used "wherever, whenever".

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