What does Bobino mean?

What does Bobino mean?

Today, our company and brand name is Bobino. But that’s not how it started.


In 2006 we introduced our first product; a Mobile Phone Holder. The product was a global success, selling nearly 20 million pieces worldwide and still going strong.


We believe the success of this product can be attributed to 2 things: form and function. The Phone Holder solved a problem that most people have and the design of the product was appealing. We were so proud of it we gave it a name: The Driinn Phone Holder. The word Driinn came from onomatopoeia (imitation of how a ringing telephone sounds in French). Drin! Drin! In English: Ring! Ring!


When we designed our second product, the Cord Wrap, we also gave it a name: Bobino. We chose Bobino because the Cord Wrap design works something like a spool of sewing thread (Bobbin). We adjusted it to look and sound better. The result was Bobino!


Our Bobino Cord Wraps became top sellers for the same reason the Driinn Phone did. The reasons are as simple as the products themselves. All Bobino products solve a small problem in the simplest and most functional way possible. The shape and colors make them Bobino.


Today we like to think of the word ‘Bobino’ as a verb; a helping verb that means ‘to solve’. So when you need a pen, a safe place to charge your phone or organize some tangle cords; you can shout ‘where’s my Bobino’?


We intend to continue innovating and creating new designs that solve common problems. We hope that one day, when people need something to solve a problem, they ask ‘where is my Bobino’? 

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