Working from home

Working from home

Many of us have had a chance to settle in to working from home and with any luck we’ve arranged a functional workspace and outfitted ourselves with at least the office essentials:  like a desk, a comfortable chair, a faster Internet connection and how to how to conference.

Now you’re ready to consider the little extras that make your life better. There are a lot of ideas for improving your physical workspace and tips for adjusting to your new environment; but these are too many to list here.


One issue we will share and offer some simple solutions is to address organization or tidiness.  Working from home is similar to working at the office in one significant way and that is you work at a desk. Keeping your workspace simple, clean and organized will bring some peace to you. 


One of our categories of products is focused on Office and Desktop solutions.  We want to share 8 Bobino tools that you can use to organize and improve your workspace at home.


Phone Stand: a desk top stand for holding your mobile phone at the angle and distance you need for viewing or videos.


Cord Wraps: most desks has an average of 6 electronic devices with cords. And we all know the problem with cords: they are too long and get in our way. Our Small, Medium , Large sizes  will help organize your PC or Laptop power cord, PC monitor, webcam, speakers, mobile phone charger, land line cord, switch or router. Even your wireless earbuds have a charging cord!


Desk Cable Clip: will hold your mobile phone charging cord on the table edge for easy access.


Cable Tags: can help you identify each cable under your desk, so you know which one to unplug.


Bookmark & Slim Pen: you choose the pen that best suits your writing needs.


Sticky Clips: Use these handy adhesive clips to hold important notes or photos in places you can’t use a push pin or magnet.

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