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Phone Stand

Upgrade the way you can use your phone.
Make your daily life easier.


Who said watching a movie
in your bathtub
is a bad idea?


Capture every moment.


Some points we would like to share

The following information is brief so if you are interested in even more details, let us know and we will share more.

How to apply the KickFlip

Clean your phone or case. Peel the protective layer of the 3m sicker. Center the kickflip on your phone and push down, hold for 5 seconds. Wait 15 minutes and your KickFlip is ready to use!

Wireless charging KickFlip

The new phones on the market e.g. Iphone 12 and 13 have wireless charging capabilites. That's why we also designed a MagSafe KickFlip.
Do you have a wireless charging phone?
Click on the link below.

Designed for you

At Bobino we have been designing products that "make your daily life easier" since 2006.
MagSafe kickflip
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