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It's time for KickFlip Christmas Shopping! Use code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER' and get 15% off

Magnet Pen ~ comfortable and unique

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Magnet Pen may be your next fidget toy, but the main purpose of this pen is that it has a strong magnet inside, so it attaches to a refrigerator or other metal surface. It can hold a note, a receipt or whatever else you use a magnet for. And most important, it’s a pen!  The pen is refillable with a standard size refill that you can purchase at a stationery or office supply shop.
Color: Cream White

  • Product Specifications
    The Magnet Pen is 13.5cm (5.3”) long and 0.8 X 1.5cm wide and thick (0.3” X 0.6”). The material is ABS plastic, contains a single strong neodymium magnet, strong enough to snap to any metal surface. The pen contains a black ink refill from Schmidt Technologies.
  • FAQ

    Is the pen refillable?

    Yes. You pull the old out with a plier or with your fingers if you have strong nails. Push the new refill in the end.

    How strong is the magnet?

    Strong. But not too strong. It snaps nicely to a the fridge, a clip board and most computer screens!

    What material is it made of?

    ABS plastic. Strong and hard.

    What color is the ink?


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patricia Baker
Bobino magnetic pen

I absolutely love these pens and could not find any to replace the one I have, so wrote to Bobino inquiring about when they might be available again. Aaron Wax went “above and beyond the call of duty” by letting me buy a couple of pens from his own collection, then told me about production starting up again soon. I am so very appreciative of his kindness!

Great product

Bought a pen years ago . . .
Has been on the fridge & used to update the shopping list.
It's only just starting to run out of ink.
Good to see refills available, but am buying a few extras as well . . .

Shane L
This pen is fun to play with!

I bought a the bobino pen years ago and I am super happy they are available again. This thing is like a fidget spinner because it sticks to things. Oh the small things in life:-)

Always have a pen handy on your refrigerator.

Our Magnet Pen might become your favorite refrigerator magnet in the house. The pen can hold a piece of paper (like a shopping list for example)!

It’s a super comfortable pen!

Again, you will need to be the judge of that, but sometimes we hear from customers that their Magnet Pen is their favorite pen because it feels so good in your hand. We agree, but the magnet is enjoyable to play with.

Customer Reviews

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