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It's time for KickFlip Christmas Shopping! Use code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER' and get 15% off

Bookmark Pen ~ the bookmarker that writes stories

The Bobino Bookmark Pen is a must for every notebook, crossword puzzle, journal, book, planner, or any other media that you write in. You can mark your page with the pen and it will always be there when you need it.
Color: Slate

  • Product Specifications
    The Bookmark Pen is 14.5cm (5.7”) long and 0.4 X 1.5cm wide and thick (0.2” X 0.6”). The material is ABS plastic and that’s it. The pen contains a black ink refill from Schmidt Technologies.
  • FAQ

    Is the pen refillable?

    Yes. You pull the old out with a plier or with your fingers if you have strong nails. Push the new refill in the end.

    What material is it made of?

    ABS plastic. Strong and hard.

    What color is the ink?


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
James M.
Great pen

Great pen — solid, thin and NOT made in China!!!

Perfect for my book reading notes!

I absolutley LOVE this pen/ bookmark! Amazing! I like to mark up my books as I read them & didn't want to keep carrying around a pen. Now I can use this as a bookmark & be able to write with it too! It really is a great tool! The pen writes smoothly & works everytime I go to use it.
There's a lip on the top of the pen that holds nicely onto the pages of the book to keep my place. It doesn't damage the pages either.
I ordered the dark blue & love the way it feels in my hand. A flat pen is odd, but not ridiculous.
If you're one to write in your books this is perfect. But I can see it being used for all kinds of different reasons.

P. Lee
Great for journals - just need to warm pen up!

Nice and slim as advertised, but occasionally the pen doesn’t quickly ink when writing.

Mark your page with your pen!

Besides being a pen, what makes this pen special is it’s a bookmark! If you are reading a book, or working on a crossword puzzle, or you use an agenda – then this pen might be super handy for you.

The pen is super thin.

Because it doubles as a bookmark, it was designed to be thin and not make a bulge in your notebook, agenda, book, etc.

You always have a pen handy!

If your pen is your bookmark, then your pen is sitting there ready to use. Bookmark Pen hands in a single or multiple sheets of paper.

Customer Reviews

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