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It's time for KickFlip Christmas Shopping! Use code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER' and get 15% off

Zipper Clip 2-Pack ~ keep your belongings protected

Our Zipper Clips can be called security or safety clips. They attach to zippers, and do 2 very important things for you. First, they keep you zippers closed so your belongings don’t fall out and second, they act like a lock or puzzle for a thief.
Color: Slate

  • Product Specifications
    They are made of Polypropylene plastic. Each clip has parts (left/right), that slide together and snap. Each of the 2 parts has a metal ring attached. The diameter of a single Zipper Clip is 36mm (1.4”) and is 3mm (1/8”) thick.
  • FAQ

    How large is the Zipper Clip?

    The diameter of a single Zipper Clip is 36mm (1.4”) and is 3mm (1/8”) thick.

    What material is it made of?

    Polypropylene plastic.

    Can someone break the Zipper Clip?

    With a tool yes, or a knife. Zipper Clip is a deterrent and makes it more difficult to open your zipper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ramen Queen
Great product to deter opportunistic theft.

It amuses me that most of the negative reviews for this product are from people complaining that it is not easy to unlock. Isn't that the point? If you're choosing to buy a lock that doesn't rely on a combination, then it needs to incorporate a mechanism that is still somehow difficult enough to deter theft. Thus, this product.

Here's why I gave this product 5 stars:

* IT MET MY NEEDS -- I wanted a lock for a backpack that I intended to wear at all times during daily city travel and tourism. I was mostly looking to deter pickpockets and opportunistic thieves from unzipping my backpack when I was in crowded areas.

* WHEN UNLOCKED, I DO NOT HAVE TO HOLD ONTO THE LOCK -- A lot of small combination locks are designed to loop a strong cord through the holes in zippers. Unfortunately, when you unlock them, that means you have to do something with the lock itself: either attach it to one zipper, put it in a pocket, or hold on to it. Not this lock. The two halves remain independently attached to their respective zippers, even when they're unlocked, which actually makes it easier (in my opinion) to switch from locked to unlocked.

* IT'S NOT DIFFICULT TO UNLOCK IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING -- Despite what some reviews may say, this lock doesn't require a Ph.D. in rocket science to unlock. It's confusing and time consuming enough to deter a thief or give you the time to realize that someone is touching your stuff, but once you know how to unlock it, you know. The only downside to the product is that it doesn't include directions to help you figure it out your first time, but luckily you can find them here on Amazon. If you have dexterity issues with your hands, though, then then this might not be the product for you.

Overall, it does a pretty good job of doing what it's supposed to do.


Perfect fix for my daughter’s book bag. Due to Covid they can’t use their school lockers and all the weight from her books and laptop cause her large compartments to unzip on her walk to the far after school. This keeps the zippers closed and prevents her stuff from falling out!


Todo perfecto tal y como el anuncio

Zipper Clip is a deterrent for pick pockets (thieves)!

The Zipper Clip was designed to be a puzzle to open. When you know how it works, then it’s easy.

Keep all your zippers closed.

How many times has your over stuffed backpack spontaneously opened because the zippers open? A Zipper Clip keeps 2 zippers together to prevent this.

Customer Reviews

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