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It's time for KickFlip Christmas Shopping! Use code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER' and get 15% off

Bag Hook ~ keeps your bag safe & clean


Keep your purse, laptop bag, or backpack secure & clean! You can hang your belongings on the table at the sidewalk café or clip them to the arm or leg of a chair to keep them secured.


Color: Charcoal Black

  • Product Specifications
    For durability and strength, the Bag Hook is made of very strong polycarbonate plastic. The opening is 35mm (1.4 inches) so it works on most tables. The overall dimension is 8 X 10cm (3.5” X 4”) and the weight is 100g (3.5 oz.) It has been tested to hold 10kg (22lbs) for more than 24 hours and retain it’s shape. And even better, it’s time tested – people have been using it for years!
  • FAQ

    How much weight can the BagHook hold?

    Test at 10kg (22 lbs) for 24 hours and retains shape and function.

    What material is the bag hook made of?

    Poly carbonate plastic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Elmy E. Escalante

I also use purse/bag hook to attach on bench at sports stadiums to hold my clear plastic bag. Works well with 1+ reusable bags and purse. Multitasking has gotten more organized.

Neal Lederer
Does not accommodate thick table-tops.

I purchased the Bobino Bag Hook because it looked like it would accommodate a thicker table-top, unlike my previous hook. It does not, kind of disappointed.

Barbara Lederer

Lisa Beadle
Super sturdy

Love this bag hook!! It is amazing and holds my heavy purse everywhere we go!! Such a great purchase!!

Keep Your Bag Protected!

We've talked about keeping your bag clean and off the ground. Wel... yes! Ofcourse we want your bag to be clean. But having a clean bag that gets stolen is not worth it either. So depending on where you are and what your priorities are, the baghook is a great solution to keep your bag, purse or briefcase protected from an easy snatch.

We prefer it clean!

Having a bag has multiple purposes, the most important one being: keeping your belongings gathered & clean. Now the "keeping it clean" part doesn't really work when everyone keeps putting their bag on the dirty ground. The BagHook is your best shot at keeping your bag, purse or briefcase off the dirty ground

Design Features

The BagHook is designed to fit on almost every table and clip to any arm or leg of a chair. The Anti-Slip sillicone pad prevents the BagHook from sliding of of slippery surfaces.

Customer Reviews

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