Sticky Clip

Bobino STICKY CLIP can be attached to a wall or any other hard surface. With the high quality (reusable) adhesive tape you don’t need to make holes, use push pins or magnets. You can easily put STICKY CLIP where you want; each clip will hold notes, postcards or photos. It will not damage the surface it got attached to.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 2,4 x 0,4 x 2,4 cm (1” x 0.16” x 1”)

Available in our Warm Color Collection:

6PACK accent colors (2x Burgundy, 2x Petrol, 2x Emerald) or

6PACK neutral colors (2x Charcoal, 2x Slate, 2x Cream)

How to use

1. Remove the protective film from the reusable sticker.

2. Attach to a wall or any other surface. No holes, push pins or magnets needed.

3. Hold notes, postcards and photo's where you want them.

4. Can easily be removed or replaced without damaging the surface.