Slim Pen

A paper notebook or agenda is still a favorite of many people, even in the age of computers and tablets. But what good is a notebook, if you don’t have a pen at hand? 

Bobino SLIM PEN is designed to be attached to the inside cover of your notebook. Thanks to its adhesive docking tab, your pen is always handy when you need it. Though the pen is so thin that it’s almost invisible when the notebook is closed, at only 4 mm (1/8") thick, its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for writing.


Slim Pen is refillable; in our web shop we offer a refill product including 3x docking tabs + 3x black ink refills. You can also use any standard pen refill (no longer than 6,7cm/2.6").

Technical Details

Dimensions: 1,5 x 0,4 x 11 cm (0.6” x 0.2” x 4.3”)

Warm Color Collection: Charcoal, Emerald, Slate, Cream. 



How to use

1. Remove protective film from sticker on docking tab.
2. Affix the docking tab to the inside cover of your notebook or agenda and push & hold for 30 seconds.
3. Slide down to release the pen and have it ready to use.