Desk Cable Clip

Bobino DESK CABLE CLIP keeps your cables organized and easy-to-reach on your desk. As it simply clips to the edge of your desk, it occupies very little space and doesn’t need to be glued on the surface.

Thanks to its special “S” shape Bobino DESK CABLE CLIP fits all desk thicknesses up to 6 cm. It can host three cables that are secured inside the slots. Cables don’t slide off your desk when they are not in use, but stay at hand and are always easy to plug in.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 5,2 x 3,7 x 5,8 cm (2” x 1.5” x 2.3”)

Warm Color Collection: Charcoal, Rubine, Slate, Cream



How to use


  1. Clip your Bobino DESK CABLE CLIP to the edge of your desk/table.
  2. Put your cable in one of the 3 slots (both upper and down part).
  3. Plug in your device and you can start working.
  4. Once finished, unplug the device and your cable will stay on your desk/table.